Arsen + Beazley

Together, Arsen and Beazley are committed to increasing employee resilience against phishing and social engineering.

Our goal is to empower businesses to protect against online threats, remain vigilant, and collaborate securely, thus ensuring the safety and integrity of their data and communications.

Arsen + Beazley

As a Beazley client, your business may be eligible for a 30% discount on Arsen offerings.

Beazley Partnership

Your employees are exploited through phishing in 41% of cyberattacks.
It's time to train them properly.

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Security is a succession of layers. Discover how Arsen secures the human layer.

During this demo appointment, we will address the following points:

  • Questions & Answers to Understand Your Needs
  • Exploration of the Platform and Its Features
  • Demonstration of the Arsen Experience from the Employee's Perspective
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