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80% of initial access is obtained by targeting the human layer. We provide software solutions to reproduce threats, evaluate and mitigate the risk they pose.

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Krys Dekuple Solideo Nantes Université

Solutions for Security Professionals

By providing reliable, relevant and tailored attack simulations, our solutions helps organizations and security vendors reduce the Human Risk worldwide.

Analyse du risque humain

Cyber Awareness Training

Learn-by-doing simulations training that creates transposable reflexes when users face phishing.

Entraînement comportemental

White-label Solutions

OEM simulation toolbox, API-enabled, allowing security vendors to provide best-in-class attack simulations.

Observabilité des comportements

Next-Gen Simulations

From CEO-Fraud to AI Attacks, we provide state-of-the-art simulation to anticipate upcoming threats.

Harden the Human Layer

All attacks use some level of social enegineering, targeting the human element at some level. We provide the solutions to fight back.

Evaluate the Risk

Use our simulation technlogy to simulate Social Engineering threats and evaluate Human Risk level.

Deception analysis

Large-scale Simulations

All our solutions are highly scalable and can handle simulations for large accounts.

Behavioral Training

Continuous Monitoring

Leverage automation to monitor risk evolution over time.

Employee Cognitive Behavior
Scenario Builder

Mitigate the Risk

We provide unique learning experiences to end-users and monitoring solutions to reduce Human Risk within organizations.

Attaques actuelles et pertinentes

Just-in-time micro-learning

Enabe "learning by doing" campaigns to create reflexes for the end users.

Exécution réaliste

Human Attack Surface Management

By monitoring risky behaviors, gain insights on access control and risk mitigations measures.

Our Clients Recommend Us

Amiral Gestion

"The Arsen platform is intuitive, very well built and easy to use. The tests are effective and well designed.

They will save you valuable time for your phishing test campaigns. It is an essential tool in our device."

Grégory Nouchi

Grégory Nouchi

Head of Risk Management

"Phishing campaigns are a key element of our cybersecurity awareness plan. On the Arsen platform, monitoring employees is simple and clear. The variety of scenarios is a real plus in the long term."

Sophie Dubois

Sophie Dubois

Krys Group

"Thanks to Arsen, I can quickly and regularly test our employees, confront them with realistic attack simulations and follow the results in real time."

Xavier Laurent

Xavier Laurent

Technical Director & Technological Prospective

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