Advanced Social Engineering Attack Simulations for The Enterprise

Test and evaluate your company's ability to handle advanced Social Engineering attacks.

Business Email Compromise

Cases of BEC represented $2.7 billions last year. Evaluate and improve your resilience against it.

CEO Fraud

CEO Fraud

Different cases of CEO fraud can happen in a BEC context, usually targeting high value or high access level people, with costly consequences.

Behavioral Training

Advanced impersonation attacks

BEC is the perfect setup to impersonate people and create advanced attacks resulting in sensitive information disclosure or money loss.

CEO Fraud
CEO Fraud Text Message

Instant Messaging Attacks

Instant Messaging applications are increasingly used as a compromission vector for social engineering attacks.

Attaques actuelles et pertinentes

WhatsApp Attacks

Simulate highly realistic WhatsApp Attacks, based on real identities stolen from public social profiles.

Exécution réaliste

Smishing Attacks

Simulate realistic Smishing attacks, from basic pretexts to multi-channel, conversational scenarios.

Research and Development

Proactively looking into the future of cyberattacks. Testing our clients against it.

Multi-channel attacks

Multi-channel attacks

Advanced Social Engineering Attacks are multi-channel. It's a combination of known vectors that create hard to detect kill chains.

Deep fake simulations

Deep fake simulations

Generative AI and synthetic media represents a real risk and a whole new level of social engineering attacks.

Conversational Phishing

Conversational Phishing

The future of phishing and social engineering at scale. We develop prototypes of phishing scenario that don't rely on payloads or phishing links.

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