"Cyber surveillance and the Darkweb"

Lïa Desmousseaux de Givré

Lïa Desmousseaux de Givré


The cyber surveillance and the Darkweb

Cyber surveillance is a technique that allows monitoring online activities of individuals to detect potential threats. This method can be used to protect businesses, governments, or even regular Internet users against hackers and cyber criminals.

On the Darkweb, cyber surveillance works slightly differently. Indeed, the Darkweb is a hidden network where users can browse anonymously. Therefore, cybersurveillance needs to develop specific techniques to detect suspicious activities.

Despite the difficulties, cyber surveillance on the Darkweb has numerous advantages. It can help identify hackers and cyber criminals before they can cause significant damage. Furthermore, it can assist businesses and governments in improving their online security and better protect user data.

However, cyber surveillance on the Darkweb can also have disadvantages. First, it can be seen as a violation of users' privacy. Additionally, it can be challenging to implement and may require substantial resources to be effective.

In conclusion, cyber surveillance on the Darkweb is a useful technique for protecting against cyber threats. However, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to use this method to protect online data. At Arsen, we work to help businesses and governments improve their online security while respecting users' privacy.

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