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Why should I care about my password strength?

The robustness of a password is crucial to ensure the security of information, whether it is sensitive or not.
Complex, long passwords composed of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters make it more difficult for hackers to guess or crack them. By using unique and complex passwords for each account, you significantly reduce the risk of compromising your data.

The calculation is based on Dropbox's zxcvbn library. It evaluates password strength based on heuristic and statistical models. Unlike traditional methods that simply count the number of characters and types of characters used (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols), zxcvbn analyzes the likelihood of a password being guessed based on common patterns, dictionary words, typographic substitutions, and keyboard sequences.

No, no password is stored by Arsen. The password strength testing tool is entirely executed in your browser. No data is sent to a remote server.

To create a secure password, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Password length: A longer password is generally harder to guess.
  • Avoid common sequences: Common sequences (like "1234", "abcd"), dictionary words, dates, etc.
  • Typographical substitutions: Contrary to popular belief, substitutions like "@" for "a" or "3" for "e" are easily guessable.
  • Contextualization: Personal information like name, birth dates can reduce the security of the password.

In general, try as much as possible to create a password that is unique, long, and complex. Avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. To make password management easier, use a password manager.

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