Phishing Simulation API

Tailored for Cybersecurity Professionals and Security Products Providers

import { ArsenClient } from '@arsen-cybersecurity/client-sdk'

const arsenClient = new ArsenClient({
  version: '1.0',

// Run a phishing simulation campaign
const phishingCampaign = arsenClient.runCampaign({
  vector: 'PHISHING', targets: [...], ...

// Monitor campaign events
campaign.on('delivered', (event) => { /** ... */})
campaign.on('compromised', (event) => { /** ... */})

Human Risk Evaluation API

Effortlessly simulate sophisticated phishing attacks, mirroring the latest cyber threats. Integrate our API seamlessly with your existing cybersecurity tools to better evaluate and train end-users.

Human Risk Scoring

Trigger highly-realistic phishing simulation from our API in order to measure real-life user behavior and get a Human Risk Score.



Benefit from a robust phishing simulation infrastructure, deployed from a simple API call.

Highly customizable simulations

Precise Behavior Analysis

Once the phishing simulation started, access in-depth data from our reporting endpoint, from clicks to compromised password strength.

Arsen Evaluate
Arsen Train
Arsen Defense

Address the Human Layer

Arsen Dashboard

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