Evaluate your company in a phishing test

Evaluate your company's level: how will your employees behave in the face of a realistic phishing campaign?

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Why Simulate a Phishing Attack?

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Confront your company with the most dangerous current attacks and assess its resilience level.

Impact of Awareness

Awareness Impact

Measure the concrete impact of your awareness campaigns on your employees' behavior towards phishing.

Attacker's Perspective

Hacker's Point of View

Get the attacker's point of view and analyze the human attack surface with our phishing test.

A Precise Evaluation, in 4 Steps

Our tests allow for an extremely precise evaluation of employee behavior in order to take measures that will truly impact your cybersecurity.

Select the Most Relevant Attacks

We provide a catalog of recent, realistic, and highly dangerous attacks. Select the most relevant ones in your context to evaluate your employees in a realistic situation.

Sync Your Employees

Import CSV or synchronize with your AD to target your employees and groups of employees in order to produce an actionable report.

Schedule the Campaign

Depending on the size of your organization and your context, you can schedule the phishing campaign to evaluate your employees during the most targeted hours by cybercriminals.

Analyze the Results

We provide you with the cybercriminal's perspective: equipment used, strength of collected passwords, devices used to connect, click-through rates, and interaction with phishing content. This allows you to build a precise understanding of your employees' awareness level.

Test Your Resilience

Talk to one of our experts to set up a quick and effective phishing test and finally find out where you stand against phishing.

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