Alternatives to GoPhish for Comprehensive Phishing Simulations

Lïa Desmousseaux de Givré

Lïa Desmousseaux de Givré

Phishing simulation tools have become the front line of defense in cybersecurity training.

By mimicking real-life phishing attempts, these tools assess human vulnerability in digital landscapes.

One such popular tool is GoPhish. However, as cybersecurity threats evolve, so too must our tools.

This article delves into some notable alternatives to GoPhish, catering specifically to cybersecurity agencies seeking more comprehensive solutions.

The Significance of Phishing Simulations

In an era where technology drives businesses, the weakest link remains human error.

Phishing simulations not only boost cybersecurity awareness but also expose the gaps in our defenses, especially the human factor.

Furthermore, as industries face tighter regulatory requirements, these simulations assist organizations in achieving compliance, while continuously measuring and enhancing cybersecurity resilience.

Limitations of GoPhish

While GoPhish has set benchmarks in phishing simulations, it isn't without limitations.

Just to be clear: we're huge fans of GoPhish and spent a lot of time using the tool before needing to find an alternative.

However, there are limitations that will affect users that do a lot of phishing simulations, may it be for large scale companies or cyber experts and agencies.

Infrastructure setup and maintenance

GoPhish is a very good phishing plateform but doesn't handle the attack infrastructure you need to build and maintain to execute your simulations.

It comes with a small webserver and SMTP connecters to execute your campaigns, however, at scale, you're going to have a few additional steps.

For instance, if you want to survive Google Safe Browsing's alerts, you'll need to setup redirectors and redirections before routing the traffic to GoPhish.

In case your domain or infrastructure get flagged for phishing, you will have to rebuild everything or wait for a validation or manual review.

All of this is very time consuming, and time is money.

Phishing scenario creation and customization

GoPhish doesn't come with pre-built scenarios.

You can find a few of them on various GitHub pages but you won't have ready-to-deploy scenarios available.

Customization will also be limited as, following up on the point above, the infrastructure isn't managed for you.

So if you want to create a custom campaign with several domain names, you'll need to create separate campaigns, with different sender profiles.

Reporting and progress tracking

If you are making recurring campaigns and which to track the evolution of the behavior of the people (or groups of people) you're testing, you will need to do your reporting elsewhere.

You will need to store and save all your simulation data to build up a profile overtime and see the trend.

This is again very time-consuming.

Open Source GoPhish Alternatives

Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)

Background: SET, a part of the TrustedSec suite, stands out as a multifaceted tool designed for advanced penetration tests.

Features: Its unique Attack Vector technology aids in crafting credible phishing emails and malicious servers.

Pros and Cons: SET boasts a range of advanced features, but may come with a steeper learning curve for beginners.

Recommendations: Ideal for experts keen on tailoring their attacks.

King Phisher

Background: This tool offers a platform for creating, managing, and launching advanced phishing campaigns.

Features: Real-time campaign monitoring, adaptable web server configurations, and two-factor authentication stand out.

Pros and Cons: King Phisher offers granularity in campaigns, but might overwhelm those seeking simpler solutions.

Recommendations: Suited for mid to large-scale organizations with a focus on detailed tracking.

Introducing Arsen

We built Arsen as an answer to the problem we had doing phishing simulations for multiple SMBs and large companies.

Doing phishing simulations at scale, we needed to speed up the infrastructure management, the campaign creation and the reporting to be able to deliver high-quality risk evaluations and training for our clients.

We built a plateform that allow you to both:

  1. Deploy a campaign in a few click
  2. Customize everything from the sending domain name to the copy of the email in just a few clicks

Making the Choice: Guiding Factors

SET and KingPhisher are free to use and, provided you have the time and skills, are very good alternatives to GoPhish.

If you're looking to do large-scale phishing campaign, be it on a large company or several smaller ones, we'd be happy to

Concluding Thoughts

While GoPhish set industry standards, evolving cyber threats require evolving solutions. Whether you lean towards the advanced features of SET, the detailed tracking of King Phisher, the familiarity of GFF, or the integrated approach of proprietary tools, always prioritize ongoing training and adaptability in your cybersecurity strategy.

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