Human Cyber Risk Scoring

Understand, measure and quantify human risk facing cyber threats.

Understand the risk

By measuring behavior against current threats, you can get a precise understanding of the risk tied to human behavior.

Deception analysis

Threat Modelization & Simulation

Arsen reproduces current threats froM CTI feeds and tests its impact on human elements.

Behavioral Training

Risk Analysis

Based on the criticality of groups or employee profiles, Arsen determines the human cyber risk profile.

Employee Cognitive Behavior

Behavioral Analysis

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Threat Intelligence

Using Threat Intelligence feeds, Arsen analyses threats psychological levers and difficulty level to reproduce them.

Employee Behavior

Arsen analyzes the susceptibility of your employees to the influence levers used by hackers and identifies the most at-risk groups.

Continuous Behavior Monitoring

By running recurring threat simulations, Arsen adds a layer of Human Observability.

Behavioral data

Behavioral data

Arsen combines measures of difficulty, reaction time and interaction to maintain an accurate view of your risk.

Détection de Shadow IT

Shadow IT detection

Arsen allows you to see the devices and softwares used by your employees and detect unsecured IT.


How to evaluate cybersecurity human risk?

Attaques multi-canaux

Emulate Realistic Attacks

Simulate real, active threats and not facing dummy, unrealistic, cookie-cutter attacks. Simulation execution is also key here: the simulation process should follow the modus operandi of active threat actors to reflect behavior in realistic conditions.

Simulations deep fake

Behavioral Evaluation

Then, you need a precise understanding of how they behave in front of the threat. Not only if they detect and report it, but what kind of endpoint they use, how much time it takes them to detect the threat, at which stage, etc.

Phishing conversationnel

Impact Evaluation

Depending on employees, their access level, their position of authority within your company, the risk level isn't the same. On one hand you need to evaluate the likelihood they get caught in a threat, one the other you need to take into account the risk if they do.

Start measuring human cyber risk

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