White-label phishing kit for Security Researchers and MSPs

Benefit from the best phishing simulation infrastructure for your cybersecurity audits and awareness operations.


Start using a reliable phishing infrastructure in just a few clicks.

Deception analysis

Managed Infrastructure

Arsen handles 60+ attack domains, email configuration, custom domains and has built-in Google Safe Browsing protections.

Behavioral Training

Customizable Scenario Library

Access 80+ phishing scenarios, entirely customizable, or bring your own.

Employee Cognitive Behavior

Per-usage billing

Pay as you Phish

Elevate your cybersecurity without the upfront costs. Experience cutting-edge phishing simulations with a flexible payment model, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

No subscription needed

Pay only for the phishing simulation email you send, no recurring fee — because your cybersecurity investment should be as precise and effective as your defense strategy.

Volume discounts

The more you phish, the cheaper it gets — scalable pricing for proactive cybersecurity. Fortify defenses and maximize cost-efficiency with each simulation, ensuring robust protection for your clients.

Scenario Builder

A Unique Experience for your Clients

Attaques actuelles et pertinentes

View-only Access

Give access to the platform to your client, as a spectator, so they can see the live results of your simulations.

Exécution réaliste

In-Depth Reporting

Provide them with valuable insights on their employees' behavior on top of the usual click rates: reaction time, password strength, endpoints used...

Phish at Scale

Get all you need for your phishing simulation, in one easy-to-use pay as you go software.

Analyse du risque humain


Benefit from the most customizable phishing simulation platform of the market, white-labelled.

Entraînement comportemental


Use contextualized micro-learning pages, displayed on dangerous actions by the users to develop pwerful detection reflexes.

Observabilité des comportements


Produce complete and in-depth reports based on observed behavior during evaluation and training phishing simulations.

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