White-label phishing simulation

for MSPs and Security Vendors

Access the best phishing simulation platform, with the most flexible offer on the market.

No Subscription

Only pay for the emails you need to send, starting at $1/email

Advanced techniques

Simulate genAI, attachments and cred. harvesting attacks

Fully customizable

Customize scenarios and attack domains to replicate real attacks


Manage all your clients from a single dashboard, no hassle

See it in action

Simple to use

Have a look at our interactive demo to see how you can quickly launch a phishing simulation.

On Demand Plan

Pay once, use anytime

Only pay the phishing simulation you need to send to your clients, no subscription, no hidden fees. Access the best phishing simulation platform available, on your own terms.

Starting at $1/email, no subscription needed

Pay only for the phishing simulation email you need to send, no subscription or recurring fees. Available in EUR and GBP as well.

Reseller Discounts

Sell yearly licenses at a discount, providing unlimited phishing campaigns and access to all Arsen features to your clients.

Scenario Builder

No More Google Safe Browsing

Increase your peace of mind and the reliability of your phishing simulation campaigns.

Attaques actuelles et pertinentes

Built-in protections

Following state of the art evasion techniques, our phishing content is protected against all major web browser protection systems.

Exécution réaliste

Adaptive filters

Our protection system constantly evolves and allows you to filter unwanted events — like fake clicks — caused by security systems.


Start using our phishing simulation platform in just a few clicks.

Deception analysis

Multi-tenant Access

You and your team can manage all your clients from one dashboard.

Behavioral Training

100+ phishing scenarios

Entirely customizable, you can even create your own. Available in 6 languages, served from 70+ custom attack domains and here too, you can add your own.

Employee Cognitive Behavior

Phish at Scale

From 10 to 100,000+ mailboxes organizations, get all you need for your phishing simulations, in one easy-to-use, pay as you go solution.

Analyse du risque humain


Launch credential harvesting, click-only and attachment attack simulations in just a few clicks.

Entraînement comportemental


Use contextualized micro-learning pages, displayed on dangerous actions by the users to develop powerful detection reflexes.

Observabilité des comportements


Produce complete and in-depth reports based on observed behavior during phishing simulations.

Start using our phishing simulation platform today.

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